Friday, October 31, 2008

Chapter 39 It's Really Not Abundance at All

The second Bush is about to finish his second term and there is much talk of his replacement.

And those who are limitless in number, but limited in power, are blaming the limited in number who are limitless in power. Right about now there’s a question as to who can best manage this conundrum, and the well being of a country that has known wealth and freedom quite abundantly, but one which needs to heal from the self-inflicted, festering wounds of greed and gluttony.

So, as we look upon a feast that has been spread upon our table, it’s this very issue of wealth and abundance that has a way of nauseating the noblest of notions – those of the fat and the healthy; the lean and the hungry. For if abundance cannot flow outward abundantly, it’s really not abundance at all.

One side will argue that the table’s bounty should be shared with the masses, not only in our house, but among tables in other houses far and wide – that all should come and sit and eat until they are full. Others who have worked hard for the harvest, as well as those who have become heir to it, together with those in power over them, well, they all are justifying their righteous anger at the expense of a few who will not work, and therefore should not inherit the right to have their hunger satiated.

Nonetheless, for one who has been fed and sustained and relatively privileged for years, my voice is strong and healthy and heard. In a world where blessing provides a feast that is large enough for all to eat, the evil opposing it creates an insatiable appetite in the gorged to remain so; and the din and frenzy of my efforts and maybe yours drowns out the cries of the weak, the very ones who grow weaker by the day for they have gone quite a while without sustenance.

Much like the animal kingdom, a very twisted circle of life provides for the survival of the fittest.

But, wait – isn’t there another Kingdom, one which is steadily being ushered in? Those of us who claim an inheritance to this Kingdom mustn’t allow the feast to spoil while the entangled and entrenched argue their position; no, we must quietly take our ration, that which has been given us, and lean close with an ear to hear the whispering of the underserved.

And then share our portion with them.

It is a decision to re-distribute, one that is not forced upon us, but made by us and only us. And with our other ear we listen to the passion of those in power, so as to make a wise decision on a leader who will affect change and respond and allow our voice – and that of the weak – to be heard at the proper time.

If you and I would share from our plate, then I wonder if it would become contagious? Another group may witness it and soon share from their plate, and then, whoever is in power or authority over us (or anyone for that matter) will watch as a groundswell reverberating from a different circle of life emerges, one which ripples and resounds and creates a beautiful sound to the ear of the One who provided the feast in the first place.

And abundance will flow abundantly.


Becky said...

Just what I needed...I have given your email to a friend who feels God calling him to begin a ministry....I pray he heeds his call and that there are many around him who will follow. I know it is my intent. The gluttony you talk about makes it very hard to hear.....

wilsonian said...

Yes, yes, yes!

"Thy kingdom come on earth..."

Andrew said...

very good stuff and way to put it..

thanks for that