Tuesday, August 12, 2008

I'm a terrible blogger

Friends.. I'm a terrible blogger. I've been in a funk for a few months, but have been very busy with The Reclamation Project, the organization that has been described and written about throughout these pages for lo these many years. I suppose that's a good thing. You don't want me to just be a slacker, right?

Anyhow, we're starting a fundraiser to keep our hopes and dreams alive: dreams of serving well the refugee community in our midst. TRP is far more than the renovation of the Rialto. It is, right now, a critical hub in a growing network of people and agencies who are helping resettled refugees acquire language, affordable housing, driver's licenses, free legal help, jobs, and -- most importantly -- American friends. What's more, our two dedicated and skilled employees, with the help of TRP's Board and scores of volunteers, are seeing many innovative, potential solutions to these challenges facing resettled refugees.

Unfortunately, we presently lack the capacity to seize these solutions. In other words, our current operational revenue is not sufficient to achieve our mission. So, we've come up with what we hope will be a creative response to it. We're calling it "10" -- a broad-based, grassroots movement to mobilize young and old around TRP's refugee message and mission.

I hate asking for money. But I am inviting you, my faithful readers and blogging community to be a part of this. What am I asking for?

To give 10 dollars a month for 10 months

You're probably wondering "why just $10?" or "why wouldn't I just give $100 and be done with it?" Please know that we believe the future of TRP depends not on a few occasional larger donors, but upon thousands of smaller, regular donations from people like you and me.

We need your help today -- so we've made it easy for you to get involved! For your convenience, we want to extend the option of authorizing your gift of $10 to be automatically debited every month from your bank account (Electronic Funds Transfer) or your credit card through Pay Pal. We have all of the information for you to choose various options at this link:

TRP Online Donation

Regardless of the method, I sincerely ask you to get behind the development of "10" by giving a tax deductible gift of $10 every month.

Thank you friends!! If you trust me and what we're doing, and feel so inclined to pass this around or post on your blog, it would be much appreciated!!

In Him and full of Hope,



Lesley said...

hmmm...maybe you should offer us a couple of blog posts as collateral. :)

prodigaldaughter2 said...

Ok. I'll do it. You'll think I am just saying this but I was JUST THINKING ABOUT YOU when I noticed you had posted. Weird, huh? I hope you are okay...the funk thing is no fun.

I love TRP and hope it can keep going and growing and getting stronger.

You are so right about a few faithful givers giving a small amount each month vs. a one or two time large donor. I work in Dev. in a non-profit and those "little gifts" are what keep the place going!!!!

Miss you!

Miss-buggy said...

there are bigger things happening then you can see right now.

I will talk about it with my husband when he gets home. But I hope you know that I would love to help. I will try to budget it in.

Good to hear from you again friend

stephanie said...

i was just thinking the other day that i hadn't seen your blog on my rss feed lately. hey, i'm going to steal this text and post on mine- thanks :)